Welcome to the Winchester Area Homeschool Association!

{WAHA} is dedicated to helping families quickly and easily find ways to connect to the homeschool community in the northern Shenandoah Valley. Whether you are a new or long-time resident of the valley, it can overwhelming to find local homeschool options that fit the unique needs of your family. Our goal is to facilitate both finding your tribe and connecting with the larger homeschooling community.


Check out our online directory of homeschool offerings in Winchester and the surrounding vacinity of the Shenandoah Valley. There are many classes, co-ops, groups, discussion boards, and activities – and it shouldn’t take 5 years to discover them all! We are here, not only to abbreviate the efforts of looking to connect, but also to keep you up to date on special events that can easily be missed by busy families.


Events will be shared on our master calendar, as we build it, so that you are able to see regularly occurring activities and jump in when you are able to do so. On our Facebook Events Page, we will share special events and reminders for opportunities to ‘vote’ for new options, either through a poll or by attending a test event.

Local Inclusive Umbrella Association

The Winchester Area Homeschool Association is designed to bring the various groups together in a unified community that focuses on our common goal of home education. You may join our public Facebook Group to stay in the loop of what is going on day-to-day, and/or subscribe to our digital student-led newspaper, The Curious-Journal, to get email updates. {WAHA} is not affiliated with any one religion but welcomes all, and will do our best to help you plug in where you feel most at home.

We are working to connect the leadership of existing groups and home educating families. {WAHA} is not designed to replace any of the local homeschooling organizations, but to create an umbrella association for the great variety of options in our area. All area leaders and families are welcome. We will work to funnel new families to the groups and community opportunities that best fit their unique constellation of needs and interests.

Spread the word!

Ultimately, we would love to host or spread the word for larger events such as bees, fairs, dances, and any other awesomeness the community creates. If you’d like to become a volunteer or share an event let us know! Thank you for checking the project out and please spread the word!